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Writing a lecture is something anyone can do. But composing a brilliant one, which includes humor and will differentiate you from others, is an entirely different matter. There is no magic when it comes to writing a lecture. I believe in a long and deep process and commit myself to achieve with you, in the end, the following obligations:

  1. To retrieve, out of all the information you provide, the utmost of what is special and unique in you.
  2. To help you undergo a significant process which will prepare you for the stage, having acquired a deep understanding of your story and of the exact message and best way of transferring it.
  3. To crack the deep insights that are derived from your story that can give essence and meaning to you and to all those who hear them.
  4. To prepare you for standing on stage and giving your lecture as professionally as possible.
  5. To introduce humor into your lecture in order to make it more attractive.
  6. To construct a professional communique which will be of help to you in the process of selling your lecture.
  7. To prepare a professional base for your presentation.

At the end of 7-10 meetings (3 hours each) of individual coaching, I promise we will come up with a production which will make a difference and affect a great number of people.

The lecture does not include preparation of the presentation, just building the structure.

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