The Cancer that Died of Laughter – A Humoristic and Moving One-man Show

“After recovering from cancer, or to be exact – making it die of laughter”

I would like to share with you the experiences I went through and the insights I acquired, and what better way is there than to laugh about it? I hope to meet you soon, so I can give you, as well as to myself, strength.”

Eyal Eltawil is an Israeli Actor, Screen writer, Stand-up Comedian and Author who recently returned from a tour through Hell. At the age of 31 Eyal woke up with severe gut pains that were diagnosed as terminal cancer. Growths were already everywhere.

Even after a set of intensive treatments, he was told he had slim chances of recovery. At that moment Eyal made two life changing decisions: to film his battle against cancer and to make sure he laughed at every experience he went through.


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