Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


     Name:                Eyal Eltawil

     Date of Birth:    20.8.1978                     

     Cell:                   052-4661088;    home: 09-9508226

     Address:            8 Palmach St. Herzliya, 46793

Internet Site:



Actors’ Agent:    “Nana”     Writers’ Agent:   SABRES



2003-2006:                  Student at the “Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio” (3-year course).


2007-2008:                  Participation in a Course entitled “Acting in front of a Camera”

held by Shemi Zarchin, Nir Bergman and Rani Blair.


2010:                           Workshop for Producers and Actors under the direction of Rani

Blair, Menashe Noi, Orit Azoulai and Moni Moshonov.


Part of the plays in which I participated during my 3 year studies:  

2003-2006   –   “Reshoumon”  by Faye & Michael Kanin. Producer: Rafi Niv. Role –

Wigs Designer.

–  “Kroum”  by Hanoch Levine. Producer: Albert Cohen. Role: Kroum.

– “Kaptzonim” (Springers) – An evening of sketches and entertainment –

written and produced by Gil Tchernovitch.


Employment Experience (2001-2008):

Television   Participated in the series “The Good Policeman” produced by the

Satellite Co. “Yes”.

  • Played the role of Ran Banker in the 2nd year series “The Movers”

produced  by Roy Florentin in the Logic Channel.

–     Featured in 3 programs of the Z.O.A. Comedy Bar presented by

Yaacov Cohen and produced by Channel 2.

–    Stand-up comedy acts for the Program “Stepped over all boundaries”

(free translation of the Hebrew Name “Over Kol Gvoul”) for the

Satellite Co. “Yes”

–    Weekly stand-up corner in the “Tzofit Grant” show produced by

Channel 10.

  • Pariticipation in the Series: “Avoda Aravit” (literal translation: “Arab Labor”) produced by Roni Ninio in Channel 2.


Films:          –   “Whatever could happen?”, an Israeli Film Produced by Ophir Lobel.

–   “Aboula”, an Israeli Film produced by Yoni Geva. (will appear in



Stage:         –   “The Cancer Died of Laughter”, a stand-up comedy based on my

recovery from Cancer, with which I appear all over the country.

  • “First hand from a doctor”: A comedy by Ray Conny, produced by Roni Mendelson. Played at the Tzavta Theatre.
  • Children’s Plays – “End of Season’s Fable and “The Beatles” (Kibbutz Theatre), Mula’s dream (Mofa Theatre) and “The Bob Sfog Show” (Tevet Productions).
  • Clown Productions.


Writing and Producing:

–   “The Cancer Died of Laughter” Stand-Up performance based on my recovery from Cancer.

–   Writing of Stand-Up Comedy with which I toured the country.

–   Writing of book “The Cancer Died of Laughter”, a comical book based on my recovery

from Cancer, published by “Focus”.

–    Writing and producing of  the performance “La Familia” with the participation of Lenny

Ravitz, Doron Ravitz and Nati Ravitz.

–    Currently working on a comical T.V. Series based on my recovery from Cancer

entitled: “Why, who died?”

–   Writing of comical drama for stand-up comedians Dovdevani and Kovatch in Channel 2.

–   Writing for the Stand-up Performers Shauli Badishi and Dovdevani and Kovatch for the

program “Mockery of Work (free translation)” which appeared in Channel 2.

  • Writing of “fillers” for Dovdevani and Kovatch for the laughter channel “Beep”.
  • Writing, Editing and Producing for the Nancy Brandeis 2008 Show “That’s not what

I meant”.



  • Recording of radio commercials for “Tuna”; “Samsung”; “Falafel Mosco” and

“Carter Kol Mobil”

  • Short plays for the ceremony of the Stage Awards for children and Youngsters 2008.Writer and Producer – Gil Chernovitch.
  • Participation in the 2010 D.V.D. of “Maayan the Clown” in the roles of the goat and the arrows, produced by Ofer Shafrir.


Languages:            Hebrew – Mother Tongue;  English – Good.