About four years ago, I woke up with tremendously painful stomach aches, which I later found

out were a very deadly type of cancer, that sent secondary growths to every part of my body

(except for the nose, which, considering the size of my nose, is pretty unbelievable).

Following those findings, I had to go through a series of intensive treatments, including a couple

of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiations and a bone marrow transplant (and drinking

Wheatgrass juice to cleanse the body. I swear, I don’t know what was worse!). But still,

even though I was constantly told that my chances of recovery were very slim, to put it mildly

(let’s just say that my lecture is longer than the time the doctors gave me to live), I had to

decide whether to fall into deep depression or try to find a more creative solution

In spite of all my fears and struggles I made the decision to take a camera, document the whole

process and try to laugh at the experience as much as possible during the treatments. Two

years later, against all odds, I killed the cancer through laughter

Now, that I am totally healthy, I would like to include you in my journey, my humorous and

serious experiences, accompanied by the videos I took during the treatments

It’s important for me to say that the show is not only for cancer patients, but for all types of

audiences because the cancer I had is just an example for all the “little every day cancers”

that we deal with. Our only choice is how we respond to them. Recovering from cancer

symbolizes for me much more than just beating a very tough disease, it’s the victory of the spirit

over every obstacle and challenge in life.