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A journey of self-healing using humor: Eyal Eltawil’ s book “The Cancer Died of Laughter” published by “Focus” health books, presents a fresh and comical approach for those dealing with a hard illness or with a different life crisis “We all come across challenges and crisis’ in life, the question is how each individual decides to deal with it. I decided to choose humor every morning as an option towards a more balanced and better life”.
Eyal Eltawil was diagnosed at the age of 31 with Stage 4 Cancer and metastases all over his body and was told that his chances of recovery were 5%.

Eyal, who was used to laughing all his life and dealt with most of his problems through humor, decided to find a similar way with his biggest challenge and kill the cancer with laughter, come what may! Three years after his recovery, he was told there was a great chance the cancer was back. Despite the bad news, and while waiting tensely for the lab reports, he decided to laugh again and even recorded his impressions in a book.
The book “The Cancer Died of Laughter” relates Eyal’ s double struggle – on the one hand with cancer in the past and on the other hand the threatening waiting and the unknown future. In the book Eyal jokes about almost everything, the medical system, friends, family, medical marijuana, the sperm bank, the effects of the treatments, and more.
Eyal’s book does not teach you how to be cured; it is not even a book about illness. It’s a book about life as a human being during a crisis, of one’s feelings during that period and the comical side of things. The book will help readers recruit the necessary tools – laughter, humor and optimism – to enable them to deal with those crises’ in life, big or small, medical or otherwise which we all come across one way or another.
According to Lenny Ravich, Director of the Gestalt Institute in Israel and author of the bestseller “Evrelasting Optimism”: “Reading this book is a must: the book is a blessing for all those facing either a crisis or a medical challenge. It shows how everyone can deal with them, not by becoming a victim of the situation, but rather by choosing to see its optimistic and comical side, which can help in overcoming the problem. Everyone should read it”.
Eyal Eltawil is an actor, a stand-up comedian and a script writer who has acted and has written texts for plays and TV shows. After his recovery he wrote an emotional and humoristic show entitled “The Cancer Died of Laughter” depicting his journey to recovery, and appears with it all over the country. “The Cancer Died of Laughter” is his first book.
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“The Cancer Died of Laughter” – A journey of self-healing using humor. Author: Eyal Eltawil. Focus Publications. 161 pages. Price: IS 67, is on sale in the leading bookshops and the online store of the publication –